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This practical guide navigates the issues of raising children from a previous relationship to build a new cohesive and happy family. C. Lynn Williams shares her successes as a step-parent with straightforward insights to lay out a winning formula for blended families. From dating after divorce to building new family strategies after remarriage this resource will encourage, guide, and support mothers and fathers through the sometimes rough terrain of blending yours and mine into ours. This recipe for success includes a study-guide with each chapter and a means to connect to other stepparents through C. Lynn Williams' social networks. "Yours & Mine: A Winning Blended Family Formula" is a helpful resource for all types of relationships where children are involved.

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C. Lynn Williams, a transformational author, educator, speaker and development strategist, is specially equipped to bridge relational gaps that exist in every family. As a wife and mother to four children, she is personally invested in the development of strong, healthy families and has committed herself to helping others overcome the same challenges that she has faced head-on in her own life. [ Read More ]


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