imagine on-one-one time
with your precious daughter
in an unforgettable
weekend event with mom

engage with mother-daughter
relationship experts
July 22 – 23, 2017

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Are you feeling overwhelmed because you are doing a lot of “talking” and not seeing any positive results in your conversations with your daughter (your mother)?
Are you frustrated because you and your daughter rarely have quality time together?
Is she growing up too fast?
Not sure what to talk about anymore?
Every conversation ends in a tense moment or misunderstanding
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Weekend Fun With Mom

Weekend Fun With Mom is a weekend of relationship & trust building, time together for mothers and daughters.

The combination of hands-on activities, vision boarding, games, video, discussion, Q & A Sessions and time for reflection will take your relationship to the next level. The Weekend Fun With Mom is the product of years of studying what works and what doesn’t and putting it into a format that guarantees that you will see results.

What is included in the program?

  • Saturday Retreat:

    Breakfast & lunch, Meditation, yoga, icebreaker, games, discussion on various topics: relationship, intuition and key money management, topic specific breakout sessions for mothers and daughters, mirror work and vision boarding. Swag bags. Fun
  • Sunday High Tea Brunch & Award Celebration:

    Brunch, vision board presentations & awards, discussion and commitment pledges, photo booth fun, and raffle prizes. Laughter & fun!
  • Saturday VIP Dinner and Chicago Tour:

    VIP Guests Will Enjoy: VIP Guests will get everything in the core program plus VIP Dinner. Enjoy dinner with Weekend Fun With Mom host, C. Lynn Williams and her key speakers in a hand-picked restaurant with a wonderful cuisine, wine and great discussion. Followed by a tour of Chicago sites and fireworks at Navy Pier.

Our Weekend Together Will Cover

Weekend Fun With Mom will help you

  • Get clear on what your daughter really needs from you to take your relationship to the next level
  • Give you quality time to bond and reenergize your relationship
  • Put a plan in place to help you set time aside to continue building relatable moments
  • Create a consistent way to manage challenging topics as they occur
  • What you really need to take your relationship to the next level
  • How to create quality time to bond and re-energize your relationship
  • How to put a plan in place to help you set time aside to continue building relatable moments
  • How to manage challenging topics as they occur

Join us for a weekend of relationship and trust building time together with mothers and daughters.

Testimonials from previous mother-daughter events:

  • The best parts of this event was the bonding, the wonderful energy of the women. - Angelic E
  • I love seeing all the mothers and daughters together. - Lauren B
  • Yes I will bring my daughters to your next event! - Iris C
  • I enjoyed spending time with my mom and daughter; meeting other people! - Teneal F
  • This was a much needed conversation. - Janice S
  • Having a chance to speak about my mother or hearing my daughter or mother speak about me. - Erika G
  • Loved the clear explanations of significant points of interest; and to say I love you. - Dolores H
  • Bonding with daughter and granddaughter; entire event was wonderful. - Rosalyn B
  • The storytelling icebreaker was awesome! - LaShanna H
  • Meeting other mothers and daughters.
  • Can’t wait til the next tea for my daughter to attend.
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Our Weekend Fun With Mom Speakers

C. Lynn Williams

C. Lynn Williams

Media Kit  -  Who Is She?

Andrea Wright

Andrea Wright

Media Kit  -  Who Is She?

Michele Malo

Michele Malo

Media Kit  -  Who Is She?


You don’t have to travel far away from home to get time with your favorite girl. Which is why this is just a two day weekend event. You will have time you need to bond & cherish each other while having a great time.


We have booked a great location for our workshops with beautiful lakefront scenery and great food. You don’t have to go to a resort to have a resort experience.


Boas and sunglasses are some of the ways that we have a great time with you and your daughter. Tea time and great conversation help solidify your bond.

The outcome of participating in our event:

white flowerNurture your unique & special mother-daughter relationship bond

white flowerStop worrying about how she feels about you and enjoy her

white flowerRemove the criticism and accept her for who she is

white flowerLove your daughter instead of raising her.