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CGWW Books offers books designed to provide you with parenting tips to create wonderful relationships with your children as well as raise them into honorable, well-adjusted conscientious, and critically-thinking adults.

Trying to Stay Sane book coverTrying to Stay Sane While Raising Your Teen by C. Lynn Williams, provides excellent advice on how to parent teenagers.

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The Pampered Prince book coverThe Pampered Prince – Moms Create a GREAT Relationship With Your Son” is a peek into the intricacies of mother and son relationships, and gives you tips and techniques for creating a wonderful relationship with your son.

C. Lynn Williams covers topics such as loving your son versus raising your daughter, the relationship changes that occur once a boy becomes an adolescent, managing discipline issues and when the girlfriend is not good enough for him.

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Mother Daughter Retreat

Stop Driving Me CraZy Mother & Daughter Retreat.This retreat is designed to allow mothers & daughters* to interact, discuss and role-play different aspects of their relationship and enhance their communications and understanding.

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Parenting Workshops

Ms. Parent Guru™, C. Lynn Williams is available for parent discussions, workshops and book talks. Please feel free to contact her by email at cgwwbooks@yahoo.com.

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