Are you having trouble raising your daughter to know her worth and identity? Are you struggling to connect with your son during his teen years? Are you stressing out trying to maintain your schedule and be the model parent? All these issues and many more are addressed in the books written by author C. Lynn Williams. She has walked through the challenges and joys of parenting and has shared her experiences so that other parents can learn and grow from them. Purchasing any one of her parenting books is guaranteed to help you develop your relationship with your kids!

Does this sound familiar? “I am so tired of repeating myself… no matter how many times I tell my kids to stop their tantrums…Nothing seems to work and I don’t know what to do anymore!……” When you are reading the Forward to Trying to Stay Sane While Raising Your Teen, you’ll learn to redefine your meaning of the words ‘growing up’ and how to interpret and move through the maze of myths that stand in the way of your teen experiencing responsible behavior.

C. Lynn Williams speaks with a refreshing honesty. Her voice provides an interesting perspective on how to effectively improve communication and self-esteem. Her book provides a roadmap for selfdiscovery that will benefit not only caregivers who are raising daughters, but also those who do not have children, but have been daughters themselves. Even men who find themselves asking why some women are the way they are or are puzzled by how women think will benefit from reading Raising Your Daughter Through the Joys, Tears & HORMONES!

Want to reignite, reestablish or begin to create a great relationship with your son? The Pampered Prince is for you! Inside are practical tips and explanations to the issues that mothers often face with their sons as they grow from boys into men. It is designed to be inspirational, encouraging, endearing, heartfelt and comforting to mothers the world over. If you are a mother, stepmother, foster mom, grandmother, kinship caregiver, teacher, guidance counselor or minister, this book is for you!

Have you recently fell in love with someone who has kids? Blending your kids with his can be challenging, especially if his kids (or yours) have close ties with your ex and don’t want the two of you together. Check out my book Yours & Mine: A Winning Blended Family Formula. Get one to read & one to give as a gift for someone who wants a wonderful holidays with their new love and his/her kids.

"When life gave us lemons we made a family". #BlendedFamily #YoursAndMine


“C. Lynn Williams does a wonderful job of discussing the intricacies of mother and son relationships. This is a must for every mother. Dads and sons – don’t wait for Mother’s Day, this is the next book you buy for mom!”
– Ann McIndoo, Speaker and author of “So You Want to Write!” and “7 Easy Steps to Write Your Book”

“Many young boys have different experiences with their mothers: some dependent, some estranged, and most healthy. C. Lynn Williams offers a great perspective that helps mothers create strong positive relationships with their sons. Great book!”
– Candace Williams, MSW, LCSW Clinical Case Manager

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