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C. Lynn’s Story

“100% of what I write about, I’ve been through.”

C. Lynn Williams, a transformational author, educator, speaker and parenting coach, is specially equipped to bridge relational gaps that exist in every family. As a wife and mother to four adult children, she is personally invested in the development of strong, healthy families and has committed herself to helping others overcome the same challenges that she has faced head-on in her own life.

A Chicago native who grew up in a culture that suppressed the individuality of their children, C. Lynn personally experienced relational gaps that motivated her to spend her life helping others navigate these family difficulties.


books written by C. Lynn Williams

Nowadays there’s an app or guide for anything and everything you want to do. Parenting kids and having great familial relationships is what I offer in my parenting books.


C. Lynn Williams

Programs offered by C. Lynn Williams for healing and nurturing yourself and your family.



Access helpful tools and resources to help your manage your time, achieve balance and organize your day.

Programs for Parent Teacher Organizations (PTO)

Hi! I am C. Lynn Williams, award-winning author and parenting coach, who loves helping facilitate great relationships between parents and their children. I am a Chicago Public School approved vendor and I offer parent classes & workshops through public and private schools and organizations. Many of the courses are Title 1 approved because we focus on outcomes that affect students academically, as well as socio emotional achievement.

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Being a Working Mom is Hard!

Work-Life Balance is Not a Destination. It’s a journey.

Everybody tells you the best life path is:

  • Go to school
  • Get a good job
  • Get married
  • Have kids

No one mentions that you need to work 60 hours a week to build a successful business or career. Or that you’re torn between having a successful business or being available as mom.

Work-Life Balance is a catch phrase that means different things to different women. As a working woman, you get to choose what balance you need to keep your sanity, keep relationships positive with your family and have a successful business. [ READ MORE ]



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How to Simplify Your Family Life and Remain Sane & Healthy program

Kids need a happy mom. Moms need to feel good about who they are and what they do. Everyone expects mothers to be the perfect mother like the ones on TV. Do you work in or outside your home? Do you own your business? Do you raise children? Are you a wife or significant other?…

What Do You Want to Align in 2022-23?

Complimentary chat with the Parent Guru, C. Lynn Williams. CLICK HERE to Schedule your Virtual Chat with C. Lynn Williams.

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