C. Lynn Williams, also known as #MsGenerationalDevelopmentCoach, is an:

  • Author
  • Keynote speaker
  • Workshop presenter
  • Blogger
  • Educator
  • Wife and Mother

She holds a Masters in Business Administration and has taught high school aged students as well as adults. In addition to teaching and writing, Ms. Williams is a community activist, health enthusiast, avid reader and gardener.

As a young girl, the culture Ms. Williams grew up in was “speak when spoken to” and “children should be seen and not heard”. That was always hard for her to do, and she was often at odds with her parents. That background as well as mentoring high school students while working in corporate America left a deep impression on Ms. Williams. Students were crying out to be heard. Her experience as a high school teacher showed her both sides of the story. She understood the students’ need to have someone listen to them, and she also understood the frustration that parents faced when their teens didn’t listen. Ms. Williams is concerned with the lack of communication taking place between parents and teens in homes today. Parents are having a hard time Staying Sane while raising their tweens & teens. In parenting her own children, teaching high school youth, and mentoring the many young people that have crossed her path, she found that young people have a lot of questions, want someone to listen to them, and yet require rules and guidelines.

Ms. Williams’ experiences prompted her to write a series of Staying Sane books that offered parents guidance in order to successfully nurture their youth & teens into adulthood. “Trying to Stay Sane While Raising Your Teen: A primer for parents”, offers practical, down-to-earth parenting tips for raising tweens and teens. “The Pampered Prince: Moms Create a GREAT Relationship with Your Son” helps mothers understand the intricacies of their relationship with their sons and make it a wonderful one. Her third book, released in October, 2013, “Raising Your Daughter Through the Joys, Tears and Hormones!” allows mothers and daughters to rekindle their relationship and communicate in a way that fosters love and respect. She is currently completing her fourth book on #BlendedFamilies, which should be available for release by December 2014.

audienceShe is available to speak to your audience about contemporary parenting strategies that work, which include, addressing teen issues and following a time-tested roadmap for parental success in today’s technologically complex culture. While today’s culture of social media and permissive parenting make it difficult to raise teens. It is possible to #STAY SANE…

Ms. Williams can be contacted by email at:  clynn@clynnwilliams.com.

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